Evernote is the One of the Best Note Taking Apps for Public Relations Pros


Evernote is very handy for public relations professions. With Evernote you can create a project to do list and jot down ideas, with this app you could literally throw away your pen and paper.

Basic features of Evernote
Evernote has five basic features, text, photos, reminder, list and audio. Text is for note taking and writing down idea’s. You can also add photos to the text option. A full post can be created using all features. If you don’t feel like talking, then there is an audio feature and you can speak your notes. There is also a list option that is great for your daily to do list. After note taking is done, you can schedule a reminder for different task that need to be complete. Another great feature, is that you don’t have to save anything. Evernote automatically save all notes, audio and photos.


Plans and pricing

Evernote has 3 different plans, basic, plus and premium.

  • Basic plan
    • Free
    • For occasional use with 60 MB of new uploads each month.
    • Save clips from the web
    • Share and discuss notes with other people in real time.
    • Sync across phones and computers
  • Evernote Plus
    • $2.99 / MO or $24.99 / YR
    • For frequent use
    • Access notes when offline
    • Add passcode
    • Save email into Evernote
    • Includes all basic features as well
  • Evernote Premium
    • $5.99 / MO or $49.99/ YR
    • For constant use
    • Search in office docs and attachments
    • Turn notes into presentations
    • Annotate attached PDFs
    • Scan and digitize business cards
    • View previous versions of notes
    • See content related to your notes
    • Includes all plus features

Organization and affordability
I think this app is great for PR professionals to stay organized, because all your notes are in one place. With this app you can add your clients email and send them notes, photos, audio and their to do list for the day.  You will also be able to chat with clients through out the day in a chat room with just you and the client.

This app is very affordable in my opinion, if you’re just getting started, then free is great to start. Once you start moving up in your career and networking more, I strongly advise you to upgrade, so you can keep all of your clients up to date and able to share something right away through email. You also don’t have to worry about taking up storage by snapping photos on your phone and sending as a text message.

Easy use
The app is very easy to use and they will will guide you on how to use everything. The app is available on Android and Apple. You can also sync all devices including, tablet, ipod, computer and phone. I downloaded the app on my iPod and Macbook and they work the same unlike a lot of other apps.

Downside of the app
If this app had social media attached to it, then it would be a perfect 100. Currently you can only share through email and to others that use Evernote. Evernote has a social media folder but no social media buttons.Since social media is very popular I would add it to the app. If someone send their client a snapshot or note, then the client should be able to share it via social media. Other than the social media feature, I think the app is great.

Wish App
If I could have the ultimate app for PR, it would have all the Evernote features plus social media and a chat community with in the app. The app would make it easier to connect with clients, partners, employees, etc. In additions to note talking and do to list, If you are publicist, then you would connect with clients. If you are a blogger, then you would connect with your audience. What ever inspires you at the moment you can snap it and not only share with your Evernote contacts but your social media audience. If you are a content creator, then you would do the same as blogging.

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