Unsigned Artist vs. Record Labeled Signed artist; The Pros and Cons



Atlanta, GA-April 24, 2016. One thing I’m noticing today is that the new musical artist are independent, meaning they are not signed to a major record label. Back in the day getting a record deal was a dream come true. Now in today’s time a large social media following is a dream come true. A music artist with a large social media following can monetize just off of that alone and it will open doors for them.

Both options have their ups and downs. If an artist signs to a major record label, then their journey maybe a little easier. They will get the publicity and advertising; they will have a higher budget to work with popular producers. The downside of signing  to a major record label, is your freedom. You will lose a lot of freedom and you may not have a say so in what music you want to put out into the public. You can only release music when your label is ready. You may also be required to tour and do features with other artist you may not want to work with.

Being an independent artist have its up’s and down’s too. When you are an independent artist you are in control 100%. Most independent artist does not have a large budget for PR and marketing. Instead of having a big team working for them, they have to wear most of the hats. They have to get their own shows and do their own promotion. Thanks to social media getting work may be a little easier. When you are real popular on social media, people will come to you.

As you see each option has its pros and cons. It’s all up to you and your lifestyle. If you are not good at marketing and only want to focus on your craft, then signing to a record label may be your goal. If you’re ok with wearing many hats while still focusing on your craft, then an independent artist may be the way to go

Shayla Harrell



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