Independent Writer Spotlight: New Film Writer Brandon Schumake Discusses His First Web-series Da Plug


Atlanta, GA- March 25, 2016- I had the pleasure to sit down with newcomer to the film world, Brandon Schumake, also known as Darrell. He discussed his new project, dream cast and more.

Brandon Schumake have been writing all his life. He’s started out writing for local plays in Detroit, MI. Schumake knew that he wanted a career in film. “Writing a play is easy and fun, but I needed something new,” said Brandon Schumake. “I didn’t feel complete writing plays, so I decided to step out on faith and became an independent film writer.”

Schumake credits his grandfather for his love of writing.  “What initially drew me to writing, is when my grandfather was away at war. He use to write my grandmother letters describing what he saw and how he felt in those moments. My grandmother would let me read them. With every word he wrote, I could picture the action like I was there. After that I started writing down my feelings and what was happening in my moments. “

Schumake is currently working on his first web-series titled Da plug. “Da Plug is based in Detroit, the city I grew up in and some of the character’s mannerisms and attributes were based on friends, family, and acquaintances that I’ve met throughout my travels. I came up with the concept of the story with events that happened to me. I also used stories that’s been told to me about others that would go far as they could to protect the person they love.”

Schumake and I also discussed his dream cast, to my surprise he didn’t have one. “I do not have a dream cast the reason I say that, is because there are so many new talented actresses and actors that could play the part. But if I had to choose just one, it would be Denzel Washington, the way he demands and take over a scene speaks volumes.”

Brandon Schumake just wrapped up his first music video written and directed by him, featuring rapper Stalley from Mayback Music Group. The video titled Last Supper will be released in April.

Da Plug will be released as a web series May 20, 2016. Brandon Schumake website is under construction, but you can contact him through his social media at


Shayla P. Harrell

Public Relations

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